Anti-CAIX mAb

Anti-CAIX is a fully human pre-clinical antibody designed to recognize CAIX expressing cells and kill them via antibody dependent cell mediated cytotoxicity (“ADCC”) and complement dependent cytotoxicity (“CDC”). CAIX is a well characterized tumor associated antigen (“TAA”) with expression almost exclusively limited to the cells of RCC. More than 85% of RCC cases have been demonstrated to express high level of CAIX expression. There is a very limited expression of this antigen on healthy tissue which limits reactivity of this antibody against healthy tissues.

Preclinical experiments with our anti-CAIX antibodies have demonstrated strong ADCC and CDC mediated killing of CAIX-positive human RCC cell lines in tissue culture. These antibodies also inhibited growth of human RCC tumors implanted into kidneys of mice humanized with human immune cells.

We plan to develop an anti-CAIX antibody for the treatment of patients with RCC in combination with an anti-PD-L1 and/or anti-GITR antibody as well as other anti-tumor immune response potentiating compounds and/or targeted therapies.

We licensed the exclusive worldwide rights to anti-CAIX antibodies from Dana-Farber in March 2015. Currently we are in preclinical development for this program.